Indirect haemagglutination test (IHT)

The antigen for the indirect haemagglutination test to detect antibodies to Candida species is obtained in a special procedure from Candida albicans serotype A. This antigen consists of polysaccharides with several serologically active components. They detect antibodies against cell wall antigens of the yeast. In the indirect haemagglutination test, formalinized sheep erythrocytes loaded with Candida antigen are used. They react with specific serum antibodies and reveal visible, extensive agglutination.  

NameDescription Unit Size Order No.
IHT antigen Candida albicans 5 x 8,0 ml KC-100
Candida control serum positive for Candida albicans IHT 5 x 0,1 ml KC-005
Candida control serum negative for Candida albicans IHT 5 x 0,1 ml KC-010
Absorption erythrocytes Lyophilized, sheep, for serum adsorption in indirect haemagglutination test 5 x 5,0 ml KH-100


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